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TWA Reviews: Phone Charging Bracelet

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

You know the feeling: you're traveling and not near a power outlet for hours on end.  Or maybe you have the new iPhone where you can't plug your headphones in and charge your phone at the same time so forget about plugging in your phone when you're on a plane that doesn't have TVs and uses "personal device entertainment" (don't get me started - eye roll!).

Over the years, Mark & Graham has become one of my favorite brands for on-the-go accessories with their unique styles and clever products.  Case in point: their phone charging bracelet.  Stylish and extremely functional, this bracelet caught my eye immediately.  On a recent trip from Honolulu to Mexico, I gave this bracelet a test drive.

I usually travel with minimal jewelry - a thin necklace, stud earrings, and an Apple Watch - so I was curious if this would be too bulky.  The bracelet comes in two sizes: Small (.75" w x 3.25" diameter, 3 oz.) & Medium (.75" w x 3.5" diameter, 3.5 oz.).  I chose the smaller size because my wrists are, well, small.  The fit is good - not too loose that it's sliding all over my arm and not too tight that it doesn't move at all.

It opens with a hinge, revealing a micro-USB port and an Apple Lightning port.  Once plugged in, it will take about an hour and a half to fully charge which might seem like a long time, but the good news is that the charge in the battery will hold for up to 30 days.  You'll know it's fully charged when the four little lights inside the bracelet are all illuminated (you can see in the top right photo to the left that my bracelet was near dead with only one light lit).

While the battery in the bracelet takes a while (about 45 min) to charge your phone up to 50%, it is definitely a lifesaver.  I've had many external battery chargers which are great because they can charge up your devices to full battery, but doesn't it seem like every time you're in a pinch and need it you don't have it on you?  Who carries an external charger in their pocket?  I always end up getting rid of mine.

It's for this reason that I love this bracelet.  Not only is it good for traveling, it's also good for nights out.  We've all been there when we're nearing the end of a girls night, had one glass of wine too many, need to get home and your phone is dying.  It's quick and easy to pop it off your wrist, plug your phone in and not only be able to call an Uber, but to be safe on your ride home as well. 

You can be sure I'll be wearing this on all my travels and nights out.  Looking forward to seeing what other kind of variations of this Mark & Graham come out with next!


(out of 5)

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