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Packing Solution: Collapsible Duffle Bag

We always start out with good intentions to leave enough space in our luggage to bring home souvenirs and things we've purchased while on vacation. But doesn't it always seem that you end up using that little bit of extra space to throw in another pair of shoes or another sweater?

I knew that going to Peru for 9 days with only a carry on rolling suitcase and a backpack that there would be no extra space whatsoever. The solution? A collapsible duffle bag! After a quick search on Amazon, I came across the WANDF foldable duffle bags. They come in varying sizes and knowing full well that I'd be happy for the extra room, I went with the 18" bag for $16.99.

When collapsed, it folds into its own front pocket and is about 7"W x 7"H x 3D" which easily fit into my backpack ready and waiting to be used. Once we had amassed enough purchases, that bad boy unfolded in a second and was ready to carry all my precious new cargo.

My big concern with adding a duffle bag into the mix of all the things I had to carry was that it would feel cumbersome. Would I have to sling the heavy bag over my shoulder with the long should strap? To my delight, it came with a sleeve that allows it to slip seamlessly over the handles of my rolling luggage. Because of this, it doesn't even seem like carrying extra baggage (pun intended).

On the trip home, I contemplated bringing it on as a carry on because it is totally within regulations, however because I had another huge shopping bag full of stuff (oops), I decided to check it. Normally a packable duffle bag can be made of flimsy material with poor quality stitching that could rip at the seams should it encounter one strong and less-than-delicate baggage handler. Because of the thick material and quality stitching, I had no qualms about putting it in the cargo hold. It arrived 9 hours later in Newark looking fantastic! I cannot recommend this bag enough if you are looking for an easy space solution.


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