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My Athleta Haul: 5 Pairs of Traveling Pants

WARNING: I am not a fashion blogger by anyyyyy stretch of the imagination, but I thought it would be fun to show you what I picked up this week at Athleta because I went a little overboard. Just a teeny tiny bit. But ya know what? To find pants that fit well, are cute, and you actually want to be seen in public wearing is a tricky thing and if they are comfortable, well... that is the holy grail of pants.

All of these pants will be coming with me on my travels and some are even cute enough to pull a double shift and go for a night out on the town (can you tell I had my upcoming trip to Peru on my mind?). Here's a peak inside my shopping bag! I am wearing the same gray t-shirt with every outfit because as I stated before 1. I am not a fashion blogger and 2. I'm feeling lazy today (it's Sunday after all). You people are lucky I did my make up. Same goes for my hair.

DISCLAIMER: Please disregard the grumpy Frenchie in the photos who is sulking because he was not allowed to sleep directly in front of the mirror. He's already lodged a formal complaint with management.

In middle school I religiously wore cargo pants because I thought I looked cute in them. I even went so far as to wear cargo pant overalls in both long pants and shorts versions. I'm not talking about cute ones either. I'm talking about the ones that had the tab that was meant to carry a hammer. Because every 11 year old girl needs to carry around a hammer (what were you thinking, Limited Too?!). SO glad that trend did not make it very far. These, however, are a MUCH cuter take on the classic cargo pants. The two pockets on the sides of the legs make a total of SIX pockets in these bad boys and not a hammer hanger in sight. Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle! They have the feel of yoga pants, but the look of acceptable daytime pants and they do not scream "I want a career in carpentry."

Ok, so remember in the early 90s the boys in school would wear those really ugly pants that had an elastic waistband and elastic ankles and they came in the funkiest prints? My older brother had a pair that he thought was so cool, but unfortunately, dear brother, they were not. Funny enough, these pants remind me of those just a bit, but are wayyyy cuter. The thick banded mid-rise elastic waistband is really flattering and almost feels like a Thunder Jacket for humans. Also, this higher waistband will be just what I need to keep my shirt tucked in so as the avoid accidentally having skin contact with an airplane seat (how do people wear shorts on a plane?! I digress...). The material these things are made out of are probably the lightest thing I've ever put on my body and they are wrinkle resistant. Score because I don't own an iron!

Give me a better name for a pair of traveling pants, I dare you. While these are more fitted than the Camden Jogger, they are fitted in a good way. The thicker water resistant material holds you in and the hook and eye front closure means that these can be worn for a night out as well. The seams down the front of the legs adds to the "I am not wearing yoga pants" vibe. I love a good double duty item!

Just like the Wander Stash Skinny Pant, these can also go from day to night thanks to really cute perforated side panels that run the whole length of the pants. The thick material also helps to hold you in and feel comfortable and as an added bonus they are considered UPF clothing which means they block out the suns rays. Not sure what kind of psychopath would wear thick, fitted, black pants in the blazing sun, but hey, it makes me feel good about myself just like drinking lemon water the day after drinking a bottle of wine by myself. #selfcare.

These pants scream "I'm totally into the outdoors, but, like, I also want to look stylish." Snagged these beauties from the sale table on a whim and I fell in love with the thick waistband and the thin material (which is also UPF). These are better for the days that are still warm, but not warm enough for shorts. You can't see what's happening in my head, but my mind is once again in Peru.

So there you have it, folks! Happy pants shopping!

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