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The Only Suit You'll Need for Biz Travel

If the thought of sitting in an airplane seat for hours with restrictive pants on makes you cringe, we are of the same mindset. It's for this reason that I usually travel in my plane uniform, but if you're a business traveler, you know the feeling of trying to change and do your make up in an airport bathroom when you land at your destination. Or worse yet, if you're flying a heavy business traveler route and the entire plane of men is in suits and you are in an elastic waistband.

There has to be a way to be comfortable AND be presentable if you're traveling for business! And guess what? I found it.

My discovery came in the form of a J. Crew suit. I've owned many work blazers and pants from J. Crew, so I thought I knew what to expect (aka same as all other suiting outfits... uncomfortable!). Man, was I wrong!

The Cameron pant is a slim fit cropped pant with just enough stretch to make them incredibly comfortable. The waistline fastens with two eye and hooks and an interior button which adds for a flattering look. The front pockets also have their new Perfecting Pockets™ which basically means they help to suck you in and flatter your stomach. My favorite part of these pants, however, are the seam up the backs of the legs. It's such a pretty little unexpected detail!

Oh and the best thing of all? These pants are machine washable!

These pants pair so nicely with the Regent blazer because they are both made from the same poly/viscose/elastane material. I found that the blazer ran a bit on the big side, so I sized down 2 sizes than I would normally wear and it fits great. The collar pops up naturally, but can easily be folded down if you ain't about that popped collar life. Unlike the pants, you'll definitely want to dry clean the jacket to help it keep it's sharp and sleek shape.

While the price tag for both combined is a little hefty (the pants run $89.50 but the blazer is $198), they are worth every penny. My philosophy is always to spend a little bit more on really good quality that way the pieces will last a long time. If I haven't convinced you yet, just know that I spent the entire work day wearing it and traveled all the way home to NJ from West Virginia with a layover in Charlotte (getting home at 1am) in these threads and could not have been more comfortable. Travel outfits on days like that are taken seriously!


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