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Best Clothes to Wear for Travel

We're all creatures of habit in one way or another and that especially holds true for frequent travelers. We all have our routines - our things that make the act of travel a little bit easier. For me, it's my plane uniform which essentially means I wear the same outfit every time I fly. And NO, it is not pajama pants and Uggs (don't get me started on this trend...).

For years, it was these super comfy skinny green pants with cargo pockets (which were awesome for throwing my phone in in a pinch) from Target with a drapey sweater and white Converse sneakers. Imagine how sad I was when I landed in Nevis one time and looked down and saw that I had literally worn the pants so much that I had worn a hole in my inner thighs. Sad and embarrassed.

Since then, I had been searching desperately for replacement pants that would make me feel the same. I tried stylish leggings and stretchy skinny jeans to name a few. It took a while to find the right pair (I was starting to feel like Goldilocks), but a few years back, I finally found them thanks to Lululemon. Say what you will about how overpriced Lululemon is, but they make great products, especially their athleisure wear aka clothes that you can wear in your day to day activities.

My new go to pick for plane pants are hands down the On the Fly Pants. At $118, they are a bit expensive, but you will get your money's worth for sure. They are so comfortable with an adjustable elastic waistband and a stretchy fabric and they don't really wrinkle so you can be sure to arrive looking fresh. If you ever need to wash them in a pinch in a hotel sink, they dry quickly which is a great feature.

There are two different kinds of these pants, one woven and one not woven. Truth be told, I'm not quite sure what the difference is in the fabric (I've even asked at the store and they weren't fully sure), but I can tell you that the woven version is much better. They are a more relaxed fit and don't hug every little bit of you. The non-woven version almost feels like wearing neoprene.

The second part of my plane outfit came to me recently. On top of a baggy shirt, I'll usually throw a cozy jacket or slouchy wrap. I recently scored at Lululemon by finding the On Repeat Bomber Jacket on sale because it was the last one in my size in that color. It's much stretchier than a typical bomber jacket and is so warm. Adding a more tailored top to the slouchier pants makes for a more put together look which definitely helps to make me feel more awake at 4:00am.

If you're in the market for a plane outfit, give these a try and you'll be thanking me once you take a seat on the plane and don't have the buttons from your jeans digging into your stomach!

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