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Introducing: TWA Spotify Playlist of the month!

Who doesn't love good music especially when you're traveling? It serves a dual purpose: to put you in a good mood and to drown out that annoying loud talker sitting in the row behind you on the plane. Need a little help with this? Introducing The Wandering Ash Playlist of the Month on Spotify!

Each month I'll be updating the playlist with new tunes to keep you bopping on the road. It's a fun mix of current music, some older jams, and some new things you may have never heard before. To access the playlist, click the link above or simply search "The Wandering Ash" in the search bar on Spotify.

Have a recommendation? Tweet me @thewanderingash and you may see it in the following month's additions! Also, be sure to subscribe to TWA so you know when the new playlist each month is live!

Happy listening!

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