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Travel Made Easy with Pre-Packaged Vitamins

Surely by now it's clear that anything that makes a travel routine easier is pretty high up on my list of favorite things. When the travel schedule (or even life!) gets intense, it's so easy to lose sight of our health. A while back I chatted with my nutritionist and yoga teacher friends for their tips for maintaining a healthy routine on the road, but sometimes even the simplest of daily routines is hard to keep up.

Take, for instance, vitamins. These days, who really takes just one vitamin? Bye bye chewy Flintstones! No, these days in our stressed out, crazy lives we are taking a myriad of vitamins. Vitamin D because most women have a deficiency and we are also stuck in offices all day long without a shred of sunlight on our faces, Vitamin C because, well, gotta keep the colds at bay, B12 because we are zapped of energy, and don't forget the multivitamin! All of this seems like one more chore to add to the list along with flossing and moisturizing.

I'll be honest - I was on a good streak of taking vitamins for a hot minute (just a multivitamin, though!). I'd count them out and put them in a ziplock bag and put them in my purse when I was packing for a trip. But after a while what happened? I'd come home with the same amount of vitamins in the same plastic bag, except on the return trip they'd be all worn down and disintegrated from tumbling around in my gigantic purse for a week. Then they were even more unappealing to take. And how did I know I was even taking what my body needed? I find the vitamin aisles to be really intimidating.

Care/of came into my life the way most new things do these days... influencer marketing! I generally tune these out because honestly Teresa Guidice, stop trying to sell me Flat Tummy Tea! No one believes that you really take it. But when people like Rachel Brathen from Yoga Girl promote something, she's got my attention. She gave out a promo code and I decided to check it out.

Care/of personalizes your pack of vitamins and supplements based on a quiz you take on their website which takes less than five minutes to complete. The quiz asks questions about your knowledge of vitamins, how many you're currently taking, and what your health goals are.

It then generates a list of vitamins that should be incorporated into your daily routine and explains the benefits of each vitamin. Here's what I take:

You can add additional vitamins to your pack or even take away ones you aren't interested in taking. They then package these up and put them into a little dispensing box. At first I was concerned about the waste that it created, but it was so cool to learn that the packaging the daily vitamins come in is compostable! My favorite part is that is has your name on it and each day there is a different saying, fun fact, or call to action. The box is also not an eyesore, so I don't mind keeping it out on my kitchen counter (don't judge, cabinet space is a luxury in a city apartment!).

A new box is auto-delivered each month, but if you want to put a hold on the delivery or change the time of the month that it gets delivered, you just log into your account and make the change - so easy!

These have become my new favorite little ritual when I'm traveling and I've made a little game out of making sure that I do not come home with any packs. I am now taking vitamins that I honestly would have never bought on my own and it's causing me to make even more healthier choices because I am starting the day off on the right foot. This is not a sponsored post because, again, I am not cool enough, so I can't give you a promo code, but if you search some of your favorite influencers they will surely have one. You truly will not go back to buying vitamins separately!


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