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About Ash

My mother likes to tell the story of when I was 2 years old and my family made our annual drive to Hilton Head, SC for our summer vacation.  I sat in my car seat screaming and crying for the first hour of the drive.  Finally, my frazzled mother turned around and said "kid, if you're going to be in this family, you're going to have to learn to love traveling."  I shut up and never complained again. I like to think it was at that moment the travel bug bit me whether I knew it or not.  Or maybe that was just my older brother pinching me.​

Since then, traveling has been my passion and I was fortunate to incorporate it into my professional life.  After years of people asking for recommendations for their vacations or simply asking where in the world I was, The Wandering Ash came about in 2012.  However, between a full time desk job in NYC that also required me to have a very full travel schedule, I was burnt out.  Feeling like I wanted to be grounded, both metaphorically and physically, I accepted a position at a resort in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  The education I received there was incredible, but alas, it was still an office job no matter how amazing my surroundings were and my gypsy soul longed to be free.  You can see where this is headed... I quit my job and entered the scary unknown of freelancing and The Wandering Ash found its way back to me.

Much of my 20s was spent on the road, having adventure after adventure.  The tame ones included everything from staying out all night galavanting around and riding the first Metro home in the morning while living in Paris when I was 19, crashing parties on the beach in Turks & Caicos, and hitting the hookah hard while laying in the pitch black desert in Dubai.

These times are some of my fondest memories, but we all grow and evolve and as I've entered my 30s, my priorities have shifted.  While an occasional night out in a new city with far too much rosé is something I welcome with a pocket full of Advil, I also enjoy waking up and making the most of my day.  Let's face it, our time off from the office is precious.  Why not squeeze every second out of it and enjoy every moment?

TWA shows you products and tips that will help you get organized in order to eliminate travel stress and be prepared for anything that may come up (because something inevitably will!) so you can enjoy your well-deserved time away from home.

Currently, I call Oahu, Hawaii home with The Wandering Ash mascot, my French bulldog Beauregard.  Despite common knowledge that bulldogs can't swim, it's impossible to get him to leave the beach.  Just look at that smile!

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