February 11, 2018

With airlines offering up so many pop up last minute deals, it’s a shame to not take advantage of it if you have a flexible schedule.  Fortunately for East Coasters, we have fantastic and diverse places that make great long weekend getaways that are not a long flight away.  If you’ve never considered Europe for a long weekend, it’s time you do.

There are many different ways to tackle Europe, but if you’re going for only a few days, take the shortest flight.  That flight would take you direc...

November 19, 2017

Year after year, Paris is voted the #1 tourist destination in the world. For those who’ve been, you know why. For those who haven’t, I constantly hear doubts and skepticism. “The French hate us, why would I go there?” is a question I have been asked a few too many times. As someone who spent time living in France and visiting many, many times, I can assure you that could not be farther from the truth. What they don’t like are people who come into their country and don’t appreciate their culture...

October 9, 2017

If you’ve never been to Italy, it’s exactly as you’d imagine it.  Amazing views, scenery, and people.  I had been once before in college, but hadn’t been back since.  When a two night work trip popped up, I was excited, but immediately exhausted at the thought of it.  How would I cram everything into those three days including travel PLUS squeeze in enjoying everything that I remember loving about Italy?

The one thing I didn’t mention was that this trip was to the Amalfi Coast.  A...

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