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Are Packing Cubes Worth Buying?

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

It seems like there are always ways to be a better luggage packer from rolling your clothes to stacking them a certain way and everyone has an opinion on what will actually fit more in your bag! The latest craze to hit the packing world is undoubtedly the packing cube.

Cubes and pouches of all different sizes and patterns have hit Amazon like a tidal wave. Reserve a cube for your beach clothes and keep another for your party clothes. Why mix the two up? The thought of organizing your luggage like this is positively intoxicating for organization lovers like me. But are they worth the money?

Those who use them swear by them, but I wondered: are they just another fad to get caught up in? Will they go away in no time at all, shoved at the bottom of the closet after realizing that they don't really make our lives easier just like those hairbrushes that fold in half (remember those?)?

I had to find out once and for all and give them a try. In this video, I pit the packing cubes against the traditional way of packing. See who comes out on top!

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